Brahm Gyan- The Ultimate Tool to Enhance Psycho-Immunity

Q. Revered Master, I am a student of Psychology. Yesterday in our class, a discussion was held on psycho-immunity. I wish to know your viewpoints on this subject. Kindly advise how can the level of psycho-immunity be increased?

A. Immunity means the resistance power or the ability to resist. Till date, discussions were held on bio-immunity, meaning how to protect the body and keep it free from diseases to remain healthy. And, for this, people did yoga and pranayam and took different types of medicines. But now, the psychologists are making vigorous propagation of the concept of psycho-immunity as well. For, in the current wave of modernity and materialistic civilisation, the cumulative effect of the impact of technological advancements on an individual is so much that he is turning sick day by day at a rapid pace. Today, everyone's mind is full of negativities and lustful fantasies. The germs of anger, greed, aggrandisement for wealth, ego, feeling of self-importance, and jealousy have severely attacked and infected human beings. Like an epidemic they have spread far and wide and are extending their influence on the minds of people with great speed.

The impact of such mental ailments is seen even on the physical dimension of an individual. …Optimistic thinking and cheerful disposition would certainly lead to positive effects on health.

Therefore, the psychologists attach much importance to the well-being of the mind of an individual. …

The sages of India aver that the mind is not diseased, but the mind itself is the disease! A human being is infected by his mind. Therefore, it is necessary for the human being to come out of the control of his mind. How?

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