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Breath- Let's Understand it in Depth!

The procedure, quality and results of meditation are deeply linked to our breathing. There are essentially three P’s that play a crucial role in the results we obtain from meditation vis-a-vis breathing. These are Posture, Pranayam, and (the most important) Procedure. The three in turn primarily correlate to the three levels of breaths, i.e. the gross, vital and subtle breaths respectively. Although, the fact is that the three are intensely integrated; therefore, undulation in any one casts an impact on the other two as well. This article aims at making us realise what we do and what we should do while breathing, so that we gain maximum output from meditation. It also throws light on some deep facts associated with our breaths- which on the surface level appear to be a simple exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Let’s understand this connection in detail.

Posture vis-a-vis Gross Breathing:

To have better output from meditation, our breaths should be deep. Needless to say, deep breathing helps in more oxygen intake. This leaves negligible scope for the toxins to make their place in the blood-circulation channel. Lesser the toxins, greater is the energy. Hence, the meditator can sit for longer durations in meditation without feeling any sort of discomfort or trouble, or getting tired.

 Pranayam vis-a-vis Vital Breathing:

 The name itself clarifies the purpose: pranayam = pran + ayam, which translates to say lengthening the breaths. However, there are some important aspects pertaining to breathing in pranayam, which if not taken care of may lead to poor results, or sometimes prove to be deleterious even. Instead of imparting a good rhythm to our breaths, the very structure of breathing may be left ruffled. And, the greater the disturbance in the rhythm of the breaths, the poorer is the quality of meditation. It is because rhythmic breathing goes hand-in-hand with the vital energy index. …

To know some of the essential breath-related facts in the context of pranayam… To know how does our posture affects our breathing? And how procedure vis-a-vis subtle breathing works… All this and furthermore, read the complete article in the latest edition of December 2019 of English Akhand Gyan Monthly magazine.

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