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Building Stronger Relations Professionally

Corporates are always bearing a load on their minds about maintaining the best of their relations with one and all, when it comes to their professional lives. For example, keeping peace with the boss, paying respect to their seniors, giving out a friendly hand to the colleagues, maintaining a smiling face for their clients, and finally, arduously trying to be cool-headed back at home. In order to lighten the burden of their employees, there are companies that are constantly greasing their minds for new ideas, to maintain a positive and friendly atmosphere on and off the workplace. And, amazingly, they credit most of the success of their company to these prodigious efforts towards their employees. So, let us also try to hunt out the sutras adopted by these corporate giants within their working space, to jump on the bandwagon of success.


Like many of us, LinkedIn employees also used to laugh out the matter that their parents were unaware of the strenuous conditions they underwent the whole day at their workplace. But, Catherine Fisher, a senior director and member of marketing and communications at LinkedIn took notice of the same. She brought up an idea of promoting a family-friendly culture in their company. As per this initiative, all employees were supposed to bring their parents and dear ones to their company/organisation on a declared day. The event was originally meant just for fun and freshness. However, it turned out to be phenomenal, when people developed newer and stronger bonds as a team by knowing and understanding each other better. Moreover, they were gratified to see their parents feel proud of them for the work they do. From then on, the company celebrates 'Bring in your Parents Day' every year. This idea highlights the fact that it is not always enough to just be associated with one's colleagues professionally, to build a successful empire. Sometimes, sharing ones' personal lives also develops stronger ties on the professional front Likewise, the company named ‘Direct Recruitment’ is known for going an extra mile to keep their customers always committed to them. It never skips to send beautiful wishes in the form of hand-written cards to its loyal customers on their special days like birthdays and anniversaries. Verily, sometimes our extra efforts may make the other fellow feel wanted and work single-heartedly for us.

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