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Clock Time Organ Health

The human body is made up of around 78 organs whose proper and timely functioning is important for healthy living. In order to make the organs function efficiently, they should be maintained on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, every organ has a particular slot of time assigned for it's repair and maintenance. However, most of us are oblivious of this fact. It has been known for hundreds of years to the traditional Indian system of holistic health, i.e Ayurveda. Chinese call it as 'medicine organ time clock'. Here is a comprehensive 'Organ Clock Table' indicating the scheduled time slots for the effective working of the major organs.

Organ Clock Table

1. Lungs: 3am-5am
2.  Large Intestine (or colon): 5am-7am
3.  Stomach: 7am-9am
4.  Spleen: 9am-11am
5.  Heart: 11am-1pm
6. Small Intestine: 1pm-3pm
7. Bladder: 3pm-5pm
8. Kidneys: 5pm-7pm
9. Pericardium: 7pm-9pm
10. Blood Vessels and Arteries: 9pm-11pm
11. Gall Bladder: 11pm-1am
12. Liver: 1am-3am
3am-5am: LUNGS

Does it happen that as soon as you get up in the morning, your day starts with coughing and choking of the chest? Well, if it is so, then your lungs require attention. This is because lungs are the organs that are responsible for pumping out toxic gases. In fact, lungs only provide quality to our breathing process- they are responsible for getting oxygen into our bloodstream. The best time for inhaling fresh and pure oxygen is between 3am - 5am.

But we often ignore taking care of lungs as we treat the process of breathing casually. Our attention towards the maintenance of lungs is seen only when we face any problem in breathing. However, fact of the matter is that like our body, our lungs also need proper care and attention. Therefore, let's make our lungs healthy by following the election simple health practices-

1. Breathing Exercises: Abide by the old adage 'early to rise' as it adds quality to our breath and thus living. Get up early in the morning, between 3 am- 5am, and practice breathing exercises (Pranayam). Deep breathing helps the lungs repair at a good rate.
2. Plant Indoor floras: Our indoor atmosphere is contaminated with more than 1000 species of mildew and moulds. These indoor pollutants severely affect our lungs and hamper their rejuvenation. A wonderful resort comes in the form of planting indoor plants like palms, peace lilies, ferns, etc. to improve the indoor air quality. Through the studies done in late 1980s, NASA proved that indoor plants like these are natural air purifiers. These plants filter out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene, thus making the indoor air pure and healthy for lungs.
3. Laugh out loud: One of the best exercises for lungs' repair is laughing. Laughter increases the capacity of lungs by pushing the stale air out and pulling the fresh air into the lungs. ...

4. Hot milk with Turmeric: Have a glass of hot milk with a pinch of turmeric and a bit of clarified butter before sleeping at night. This milk helps the lungs repair at a good pace. ...

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