Constructive messages from the destructive weapons

Whenever the enlightened ones descend on this earth, they bring revolution in the entire fabric of humanity. One kuch phase was witnessed in its full magnificence, when Lord Krishna manifested in the Dwaapar age. (The 24th of this month is Janmashtami, the day when Lord Krishna descended on this earth). An indispensable episode of the times when Krishna graced this earth with his divine glory in the battle of Mahabharata. If we view from the lens of wisdom, we will find one peculiar thing in this battle. It is that every facet of the battle carrier a deep correlation with our lives, be it at the individual or the society on the whole.

For instance, if we look into the weapons that were used in the battle, then something really fantastic can be observed. Although weapons are meant for destruction and only destruction! However, when viewed insightfully, exclusive constructive lessons can be deduced from the weapons that were used in the battle of Mahabharata! Let's book into four such powerful weapons with the corresponding powerful messages inherent in them...

Brahmashirsha: In the battle of Mahabharata, this special weapon was used by Ashvatthama on Uttara (Abhimanyu Wife), in order to ruin the baby that was dwelling in her womb. This weapon named 'Brahmashirsha' is characterised by a striking feature of devastating only the target and leaving the rest of the surroundings unaffected.

The constructive perspective: We all know that the violence and destruction, which we see on the outside, it's actually the projection of the violence prevailing inside us. This violence erupts from the negative thoughts, vicious inclinations, and baser tendencies. If we have to put all these factors under one head, then it will be "ignorance"... Ignorance of one divine self, which is the hub of positivity and wisdom.

Therefore, in order to restore peace and harmony inside, and thus subsequently on the outside as well, what needs to be done? …

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