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Dare Not Challenge the Faith of True Spiritualists!

That day, yet another episode of throwing an open challenge to one another was on between Mukunda (pre monastic name of Yoganand Paramhansa and Ananta (Mukunda's elder brother)…

Ananta- So you are very confident of your God?? May I challenge you to go to Brindaban along with Jitendra and survive for one day without a single paisa of currency? The rules are that you will not beg, you need to find ways to have all your meals, and you don't have to get stranded in Brindaban due to lack of money. If you are able to return to my house before 12 clock midnight fully complying above rules, there will be no one more surprised in this world than me.

Mukunda- I accept the challenge. With the Grace of God, this should be easily achievable.

Ananta- Haha! I like your confidence Mukunda! But the harsh realities of life point to the opposite.

Mukunda- Trust me, you will be surprised!

Jitendra- Huh! This is the matter between two of you. Why I am unnecessarily being dragged and thrown into this insurmountable and unrealistic challenge?

This obviously got no response from the brothers who, at that moment, were fully geared to prove their point using this challenge.

Ananta went to drop Mukunda and Jitendra to the Railway Station with one way tickets to Brindaban. While Mukunda was beaming with confidence, Jitendra was feeling extremely helpless with what lay ahead.

Bidding them good bye, Ananta, for a change, spoke with compassion: Mukunda if you pass this test without any problem, I am willing to step down from my beliefs and subscribe to your faith in God. I will ask you to initiate me as your disciple.

This last sentence of Ananta said left Mukund utterly surprised, who had never heard such words from him, despite their several heated arguments on the subject. These words were definitely a big relief to him as his brother finally shows signs of yielding to his belief in God.

Was Mukunda able to inspire his brother Ananta to the faith in Lord? Did he agree to be initiated as his disciple?  To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in Oct'19 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.


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