Decoding Epitaphs: The conclusions of life

Many great people have lived on this planet. And, all of them had that 'one' learning that summarised their life. These learnings or epitaphs can often be found engraved on their tombstone or final resting place. Let's decode some of these epitaphs and catch the message latent in them for ourselves.

          "The best is yet to come."

Francis Albert Sinatra was a renowned actor and singer. His optimistic epitaph comes from his 1964 song title, "The best is yet to come." As a matter of fact, these words do not apply post our departure from this world. Rather, they deserve manifestation while we are still alive. The hidden message is that by living at the level of our mind and body, we are not able to decode the 'best' that is present within us, and even outside us. This "best" is truly our Real Self which, when realised, brings a holistic transformation in our life. Post this transformation, we live the best way we should, be it in terms of quality, purity, or scale, etc."

          "Go away- I'm asleep."

Actress Hain Hacket was often known to drive the directors nuts with her demands, which include a full 10 to 12 hours of sleep for her to perform at her best. While she was resting, she didn't want to be disturbed; so she used to hang a note on her door that read, "Go away- I am asleep." After her death, the same words were written on her grace stone during her eternal slumber.

With respect to Joan's epitaph, here is a small piece of suggestion. Undoubtedly, proper sleep is a must to give our best output. But for that you don't need to devote a good 10-12 hours like Joan. Of course, taking out these many hours is also a big fight in today's busy life! Even science has process that though proper method of meditation, we can reduce the duration of our sleep and simultaneously increase the level of our performance. It is because meditation when rightly done (which necessitates the opening of the Divine Eye as a tool to focus on the inner self) relaxes our entire mechanism, physiological and psychological. Moreover, the self is the hub of infinite potential, which starts getting manifested in our actions when we meditate properly.

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