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Mother Nature encompasses many secrets that are being explored and looked upon as sources of inspiration by scientists, engineers, doctors, mathematicians and inventors. Since ages, Nature has given solutions to many problems. All that is required from the human side is true observance towards Nature, so as to figure out practical and effective methods and mechanisms which can make his life easy and smooth! The need of the hour is that instead of investing time and resources to reinvent the wheel, we should rather observe and decode the ways in which the natural world around us has already solved the issues we are facing today!
In this regard, there are indeed various examples wherein Nature gave the ultimate clue to the intellectual minds, and thus came in our hands a wonderful solution! Let's put some of them here so that we are also inspired to extract new concepts from Nature's mind.

Complete the following series-0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,_,_,_

This is a famous mathematical series known as 'Fibonacci Series'. The famous mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci was inspired from Nature's mind only because Fibonacci numbers relate with the Nature's numbering system. You will find them applicable everywhere in Nature, right from the arrangement of leaves in plants, to the pattern of the florets of a flower, the scales of a pineapple, or the bracts of a pinecone. 
Another aspect of Nature's mind is that it cares for everyone! One such care coded concept decoded by researchers is termed as echolocation. This process is being worked on the visually-impaired people. The inspiration behind the process has been traced from bats. Although bats cannot see but thy use their mouth and ears to identify high-frequency sound waves that allow them to leap around hindrances and catch insects to ha ve their favourite food. They carry out this activity by producing sounds which echo back in a process called echolocation. The bat detects detailed information which helps it to find out and also identify what's there in the area. Today, the visually challenged ones are getting themselves trained to see the world through echolocation.
This list can go on, as Nature's mind is like an ocean of concepts and inspirations. However, the big question is- 'In exchange of these marvellous inspirations, what are we giving to Mother Nature?' ...Just ponder! ...Also, to seek complete set of inspirations and learning from her super scholarly mind, read the complete article in July'16 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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