Effects vs. Defects in finding God

The field of psychology lists a couple of effects correlatiing with different aspects of the psychological dimension of a human being. As a matter of fact, many of these effects find a perfect correlation with the spiritual dimension as well, as far as our perceptions, beliefs, search and worship of God is concerned. In fact, these present a picture of the plethora of flaws and lacunas pertaining to man's approach towards God. Below are listed some of these psychological effects vis-a-vis the corresponding 'defects' in relation to our search for God. These effects are annexed with the tenets of wisdom from one of the enlightened saints of India, Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, whose simple yet profound analogies throw light on the correct facet of God-realisation corresponding to that psychological concept.
Snowball Effect
In the parlance of psychology, this effect throws light on the expansion of a process in magnitude as it progresses with time. The effect derives its name from the fact that a small-sized snowball, rolling on a snow covered hill, picks up more snow, subsequently gaining mass, surface area and momentum. Indeed, the same applies to the realm of God-realisation, when the Perfect Master of the time initiated the spiritual revolution via the inner evolution of man. With time, gradually, the revolution gains strength, amplitude and speed as more and more people become awakened and join the caravan of reformation. It happens in every era, when the massive snowball ultimately falls on the prevailing misconceptions and finally explodes all ignorance, thereby leaving the world embraced by the vibes of enlightenment.
In this reference as well, it is worth mentioning the words of Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa. He beautifully remarks that when a flower blooms, the breeze spreads it's fragrance whereupon bees come to it on their own. Similarly, the seekers of Truth are naturally drawn by the fragrance of divinity and pious character emanating from the embodiments of purity and perfection, I.e. the True Spiritual Master.
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