Exclusive CSR Models beautifying the world

Humane acts of compassion and generosity have time and again proved to be instrumental for benefitting the society at large. Maybe small or big ones, such initiatives help fostering the sentimental bond that connects human beings and integrate the society as one family. While people are engaged in a plethora of endeavours for social well-being, corporate sector also has its own unparalleled approach to cater to the deprived sections of society. Like...


Nivea India, a renowned skin care brand, introduced a CSR initiative named 'Mom's Touch'. Besides coming up with new products to beautify the outer self of a being, via this CSR initiative, Nivea has enhanced its dimension by influencing everyone at the core.

Nivea collected stories of some extraordinary mothers and compiled them in the form of a video. Children in the video can be seen appreciating their mothers with words like, 'My mom supports my education; my mother doesn't buy an expensive dress for herself despite her liking for it because she thinks the money spent on the dress can be used to buy something for me instead; ...when i was in the hospital, my mother didn't have breakfast or lunch, she loves me a lot...'
Such a heartwarming video helped generating awareness in society. It was an effort to show the importance of a mother as, most of the time, she is not given the value she deserves. They tried to uplift the dignity of a mother by revealing what role she plays in the making of her child, despite facing adversities. Hence, in this manner, Nivea didn't remain restricted to the enhancement of the outer appearance only; instead, through this initiative, it has tried changing lives of people by beautifying their relational bonds, thus making a significant contribution in making this world a beautiful place to live in.

To know other brilliant examples exhibiting how some corporates reflected on fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through the means of Creative Social Responsibility, read the complete article in Oct'16 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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