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Fear and Insecurity

'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance'. These were the words of the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his first inaugural address after becoming the President in 1933. The U.S. was going through a deep economic depression at that time, and this motivational speech marked the beginning of steering the U.S. economy in a progressive direction. What is fear or insecurity?- An imaginary thought that sometime in the future something will go wrong, beyond our control. For instance-

  • Somebody might think- 'My mom and my aunt both had this disease; so I'll get it too.'
  • Some employee may get insecure of a new joiner, and start feeling that his promotion would be stopped.
  • Some other employee may think that his boss would get negatively influenced due to the wrong information by his peers.
  • Some student might feel- 'I am bad at Mathematics; will I be able to pass the exam?'
  • Another student may get fearful of losing his 1st position in the class.
  • An office-goer may think-'My colleague bought a Merc; I need to buy an Audi now.'
  • Some might fear the loss of a loved one.

There are so many imaginary walls we build around us- a wall of a imaginary disease, a wall of imaginary failure, a wall of losing a competition, a wall of losing beauty, etc. What if all this were to happen in reality? Would it not make sense to face it and make an action plan to get out of the trouble, rather than mourning perennially over it? Would you call that child wise who, on seeing the examination paper, realises that he does not know the answer to two questions attentively! He could have probably passed the exam with flying colours, if he had not bothered about those two questions. However, by losing time in bemoaning, he actually prepares a recipe for disaster.

... So, what should be our approach in life to overcome fear? 

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