Flags- Not Just A Piece Of Cloth!

Are flags just a piece of cloth? Obviously not! Since wartime, these banderols have been serving as a symbol for instilling patriotism and pride for the nation among people. They are an icon of unity, honour and freedom. There are countless people who have derived inspiration from flags and subsequently, have spread it too.

One such incident was scripted in Poland when it was invaded by Nazi Germany during the 'Poland Campaign' in the period 1939-1945. The Polish were captured, imprisoned and brutally tortured in the Nazi death camps. A nine-year old boy was abducted from his house to be thrown into a death camp in Dachau. For live barbarous years, he saw people in a condition that would throw shivers down one's spine. "Living on breadcrumbs, sawdust and human wastes had given them a thorough brush with death," said the hollow cheeked. The atmosphere was filled with hopeless sobs and prayers for death. But destiny gifted them redemption in the year 1945, when the U.S. army liberated them from the hell of Dachau. People were nursed for several days, after which they had to be transported to safer domains. The Haggard boy, with the traces of strength, was dragging his feet to be taken to Munich for further treatment, when the American tank commander came and helped him walk. He gently wiped his dusty face and offered him his own share of food. The boy bent in his feet and dropped his first tears in 5 years. The commander kneeled, offered him a piece of cloth, and left. Though the divine soul left, but he instilled a new lease of life in the boy by giving a cloth, which was none other than a small American flag. From that day, the boy pledged to "respect and protect the flag that protected him".

Indeed, flags are not just a piece of cloth! They encapsulate deep meaning and sentiments....
Flags uphold great meaning, which have at times motivated people to fight for their dignity and pride. To know about the Indian martyrs who sacrificed their body and soul for hoisting these banderoles high in the sky, read the complete article in Dec'17 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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