Ganesha-The Computer God!

Eko vashi sarvabhootaantaraatmaa Ekam roopam bahudhaa yaha karoti…

He alone is the divine authority, who dwells in all beings. The same divine authority creates multiple forms out of His one form and expresses and functions through them accordingly.

Ganapati is one such divine authority. The owner of that bizarre form! But, that ‘one’ extraordinary form finds multiple expressions, which are currently prevalent in society. Several notations and varied interpretations have been articulated about each part of His divine figure from scientific, spiritual, and philosophical perspectives. Consistent with today’s hi-tech age, let us interpret His persona from another viewpoint-and that is technical or digital angle.



As per the cultural traditions of India, each god/goddess has a vehicle. The significance of that vehicle is according to the divine power or quality of that deity. For example: Goddess Saraswati is the deity of learning and knowledge and her vehicle is swan-known for its power of discrimination to separate milk from water (i.e. the essence from the whole). Goddess Durga is the annihilator of demonic powers and her vehicle is the lion! Lord Vishnu manages and protects the…; as such his vehicle is the mythical bird Garuda that flies with great speed. But, among these gods and goddeses, a mention must be made of an extraordinary god-Ganapati, whose vehicle is the mouse. A small, but agile creature! What comparison to make between the mighty bodied Ganapati and his little, light vehicle mouse? Do you see any match? On viewing from an ordinary perspective, the comparison appears ludicrous. However, the technical and scientific viewpoints offer a significant understanding. Our Computer God can easily extricate us from this dilemma.

To know how, and to know the other body parts of Ganesha vis-à-vis the computer parts  in full detail, read the complete article under the section Science & Spirituality in the July edition of monthly English magazine Akhand Gyan.

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