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GOD Who, Where, Why, and When?

'God' and ' Mystery' - the two seem to have walked hand in hand for the minds and brains in all ages. No dearth of articles, speeches, discussions have sufficed and would ever be sufficient to unfold this mystery. Reason being, 'God' is the subject of 'direct experience,' as is unanimously pronounced by the wise ones and their writings. Time and again, attempts are made to flip through the aspects related to this vast subject. Let's add one more leaf to such plethora of attempts to decide the answers to the 'Who', 'Where', 'Why', and 'When' of God. Perhaps, these aspects can give us the ' much needed' push to move ahead beyond theories and aspire for the practical realisation.


In their book, " God: He is who He is," the authors, Marty Williamson and Bobby Linkous aptly project the situation in the present times in regard to this question-  'Who's God?'  They corrrelate the answer to the Subway analogy. If a person has to order a sandwich at a Subway, he can choose everything in its making as per 'his likes'...  be it the bread, toppings, vegetables, and other ingredients. Not just that! The person may keep changing his order one day after the other, depending upon the pattern of his likes and dislikes. The definition of God today also correlates to the "Subway Sandwich," which is customised by an individual as per his beliefs, likes, dislikes, notions, and awareness. 

Alas! The only "absolute" entity in this entire cosmos bears the maximum number of definitions relative to an individual! However, as has been quoted by Arthur Pink, "God cannot change for the better for He is already perfect; and being perfect, He cannot change for the worse."

Indeed, He is 'perfect' and He is 'Absolute', as has been categorically stated in all texts of wisdom. That what is needed is 'the first-hand proof,' whereafter there remains no scope of ambiguity or discrepancy. Sage Adi Shankaracharya explicitly remarks in Vivekachudamani (verse 54)-

Vastusvaroopam sphutabodhachakshushaa
Svenaiva vedana tu panditena 

Chandra svaroopam nijachakshushaiva

Gyaatavyamanyairavagamyate kim

The true form of 'Reality' i.e. 'the Absolute God's should be perceived through one's own 'bodhachakshu' (the eye of clear understanding'). There should be no proxy route i.e. comprehending God through the eye of any scholar. The sage further emphasises by stating an example that 'in order to clearly understand and know what the full moon is exactly like, he should see it with his own eyes; how can others make him know it?'

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