High Heels = Low Health

This fashion-conscious young generation likes to be in sync with the times. But, this may lead them to slip out in staying in sync with their health. … They are particular about the food they eat; they check the purity of water they drink; and, they also stay aware about the quality of air they breathe. But, still many of them tend to miss out on some issues due to the lack of awareness. We believe in filling that gap for you and bring to you… all aspects of body and mind, right from ‘head to heels.’

Oops! Did we say ‘heels’? …Nevertheless, now that we mentioned “High heels,” it does remind us of the lifestyle hazard that bring with them, and we would like to share with you.

No doubt, most young women like to wear stilettos, for different reasons like trying to look taller, looking fashionable, etc.  Irrespectively though, research- based evidence indicated that wearing high heels may not be so high for their health.

… Dr. Blitz adds, “Long term use of high heels causes shortening of the Achilles tendon, resulting in more pressure being placed on the ball of the foot.”  … Though stretching would ease out the problem, but, in case the problem becomes pathological, lengthening of the Achilles tendon or cutting a muscle in the calf is recommended in such cases.”

… But Dear Readers, that’s not all; there is more to come. People who wear high heels have also been seen to more often complain of …

To know complete, read the full article in April edition 2013 of monthly magazine English Akhand Gyan.

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