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I Am in You, You Are in Me!

There is only one condition of love. It happens fro only ‘one’ in such a way that there remains no space for any other one. Not even for one’s own self. Both the lover and the beloved become one with this ‘oneness’. This is the science of love. It has been there always and will remain ever in future as well.

Narendra (Swami Vivekananda) also loved his Thakur (Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa) with this intensity. This relates to those days when Thakur did a divine play of having throat cancer. Why did he do so? Well, only he knows it. Or, that person knows whom ‘he’ wants to reveal his secrets. Whatsoever; but it was a tough situation for Narendra.

The pain of Thakur kept increasing. It became difficult to swallow even one bite. Two and a half days passed since Thakur had been on fast. After returning from some work (seva), Narender asked his Guru-brother Laatu- “Has Thakur eaten something since morning?”

Laatu- No brother; even today, he has been continuously coughing it. Whatever I cook for him to eat, he doesn’t even touch it.

Pain clinched the heart of Narendra. He said in a tumultuous manner. “Let me see, how will he not eat! What is this? Come with me.”

… “Go Laatu; you need to make Thakur have this porridge.”

Laatu- Holy Master! This is a diluted porridge. Please have it.

Thakur (Reluctantly)- Keep it. I will take it when I went.

Narendra’s eyes had become wet. …Thakur, your healthy state gives us life. Our heart craves for your laughter without coughing, scolding without coughing, your divine plays full of energy. … Therefore, have your mercy on us, and for us, for our happiness, have little food. Thakur, don’t say no, please.”

Now Thakur did not feel it right to utter a single word. He silently held the bowl of porridge and had it. He took one sip… then another. …But… what was that! Thakur couldn’t take the third one. Before that, there occurred an outbreak of severe coughing. Such a cough that brought out with it not only those two sips of porridge, but also a stream of blood.

What happened afterwards? When Thakur said this to Narendra, I will remain in you and you will remain in me. To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in August’18 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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