Is This World Real?

“The world that we live in is an illusion.”- One can find this assertion appearing very prominently in our scriptures and being propounded by the saints and sages of the past. However, in the present era of science, logics, facts and practicality, it being the 21st century, if you are asked to comment upon this statement as ‘true’ or ‘false’, what would be your answer?

… However, we need to ponder upon one essential aspect here. When we say that we practically see and observe everything in this world, so it cannot be called an illusion; then, this aspect loses its credibility to ensure a one hundred percent authenticity in our conclusion as can be cited through various examples. For instances, we see the sun rising in the sky everyday in the east and setting in the west. It’s such an obvious observation, isn’t it? But, despite what is so clearly apparent, the proven fact is that the sun is stationary.

… But, if we look from a scientific perspective, then, the fact is that even the revelations of science today testify that this world is not as we see it. Here we need to understand that when it is said that this world doesn’t exist. Instead, it only goes to say that it exists but it is not a reality.

… We don’t really see the Creator twiddling twenty knobs to set twenty parameters to create the universe as we know it. That’s too many. There is something simple underneath all this. Six quarks and six leptons, and their antiparticles, and their coming in different colours and different charges, is too complicated.  

…It is this truth that is required to be realized by every human being in order to be disillusioned and become practical and rational in the absolute sense. However, the need is to acquire the requisite tool and method, the same perfect technique through which the enlightened saints and sages discovered ‘It’.

… O Arjuna! Know that knowledge by which the indivisible, indestructible supreme One reflected as many in all creations is understood as the single supreme truth; because on knowing that One Absolute Truth, you will be relieved of all illusions and confusions!

To know more about the reality of the World read the complete article in March 2013 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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