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Management Lessons from Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is considered as the symbol of both Destruction and Creation, which is why He is known as Maheshwara, the ultimate God. A manager can imbibe valuable lessons from Lord Shiva as He is the leader of His team and has to deal with various difficult situations. Let's garner some beautiful lessons from the very persona of Lord Shiva and His ambience.

The Ganga

Corporate Lesson:

Wise delegation

When Lord Shiva was called upon for help by King Bhagiratha to stop the ravaging river Ganga, He rescued the Earth by surmounting the river upon His head, allowing only restricted and controlled stream of water to be released from His hair.

By taking the Ganga (water) on His head and distributing only that much which could be managed easily, Lord Shiva gives a very vital corporate message. A wise leader is also the one who takes the entire load on his head and thereafter delegates it to his team discriminatively, in consonance with one's capacity to handle.
The Third Eye

Corporate Lesson:

Seeing with the mind's eye, beyond what's visible

Lord Shiva is also known as "Trinetradhari" (tri: three; netradhari: the owner of eyes). The third eye of Lord Shiva exemplifies wisdom. The irony of the matter is that all of us possess the Third Eye, but most of us are unaware of its presence in our body. The need is to get it activated for ourselves under the guidance of a Perfect Spiritual Mentor. ...In troubled times, it is this Third Eye that salvages us by guiding our temperament and judgement. And, this is exactly what a manager does... he always has some or the other challenging task to be dealt with or resolved in an intuitive and innovative manner. ...

Corporate Lesson:

Treating women with Dignity

"Men form better managers than women" or "Only a man can run a business successfully" is seemingly the prevalent mind-set in our society even today. However, to our amazement, our Gods believed otherwise. ...

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