Mobile Apps: From the Digital to the Real World

A rampant surge in the number of mobile apps seems to have taken the digital world by a storm. Helping you acquaint family and friends with your whereabouts or latest happenings while being at any corner of the world, these apps have certainly influenced the role of mobile phones. Earlier, making phone calls would ease out the constraint of connecting with distant living relatives and friends. The frequency of social networking apps surfacing nowadays has however drastically reduced the probability of ringing phone bells, for the trend of instant chats has grown extensively.

Well, it is not merely about connecting oneself to others. Many informative and knowledgeable apps are also ruling the market today. They are meant to enhance the learning experience of users while saving their time. So is the popularity of apps offering fun and entertainment! They could be gaming or physical appearance transformation apps, arousing joy and laughter.

In this backdrop, wouldn't it be right to say that human life is just revolving around the development of these apps? Definitely, it would be. However, this pertains to the outer facet of our lives. How about taking a look at these apps from a yet deeper and subtler perspective? If we do so, we will find a remarkable derivation of facts from the key features of these apps. This will undoubtedly enrich our plot with an altogether different angle as spirituality nourishes the inner facets of human life.
So, let's get going and examine some of the famous apps to unfold their relative implications in real life.

True Caller vis-à-vis The Truest Caller

An app, Truecaller gets into action when your phone bell rings. The caller's name reflects on your mobile screen even though you haven't stored that contact. To add more, it tells you if the number is been marked as spam and that too by how many people. Also, it has a feature to automatically block that number for you in future. You can even stay informed about the availability of your friends so as to call them at the right time. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to keep this app in function.

... What can be the spiritual version of this app, named "The Truest Caller"? …

How The Call Recorder, Dubsmash, In20Years, Face Changer, Fake Caller and Burn Note apps work in our real lives and teach us to live a smarter, positive, and a truly advanced life. To know all this in toto, read the complete article in the Sept'16 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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