Nature and its Devastating Dance!

In view of the catastrophe that we see prevailing in the environment all around …here comes an article which is a dialogue between an environmentalist and His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The environmentalist put forth various questions-‘Why the earth, the sky, the whole atmosphere is engendering frightening holocaust? ...Nature has ever lovingly caressed us with the soothing pats of its pleasant seasons. But, what has made it adopt such a horrifying disposition? The various philosophical and scientific aspects pertaining to the human-Nature relationship that were explained by His Holiness in this article hold a great relevance even for the present times. …

Environmentalist– Revered Master, from the past few years, the environmentalists are shouting at the top of their voices that Nature is progressively sketching out the terrifying portrait of death and destruction. … Till the year 1980, hardly 100 …natural calamities were in our records. But, from the year 2000, this figure has become threefold. The contemplators all over the world are expressing their concern in this context. But, I would like to know from you what is all this and why is it being staged?

To know the insightful answers provided in the entire dialogue by His Holiness, read the complete article in May’2020 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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