Parental Influence on the Child's Career Choice

Parents play a role that is the most impactful and significant to the intellectual and emotional growth of their child. Beyond the nourishment of the body is the feeding of thoughts, values, lessons, conducts, and beliefs which the child directly or indirectly imbibes from parents. ...Studies have shown that the mother's feelings, temperament, and level of stress in the prenatal stages, is felt or sensed by the foetus. Hence, children start learning from their parents while still in their mother's womb.

As the child grows, parents carefully watch his or her development of verbal language, social skills, listening and reading skills, interest in building blocks, numbers, art and science, as well as his or her curiosity with nature, animals, plants, etc. This gives parents an insight into the intellectual potential of their child. Dreams begin to hatch on the subject of the child's eventual career path. Will my child become a lawyer, an architect, a doctor, an engineer, an IT professional, a business executive, or a sportsman? Or will he become an enterpreneur with unique...? Will he be at the top of his class and receive scholarships to a highly ranked university, which will eventually make him or her a more desirable candidate?

Such thoughts start frequenting the minds of parents when their child is still in the kindergarten! The time factor, though fleeting, still provides some ease of mind. On the contrary, parents of older children have many more fearful thoughts cropping up in their minds. The fast approaching time for them to make correct career choice after their High School Graduation leaves the parents all the more worried and tensed.

Today life demands that one's career path must be fulfilling both materially and emotionally. And as parents, we continually wish that our children are not only successful but also contented and happy. The truth is that we may not be with them when they are close to their own retirement age. But we want to leave this world knowing whether we helped them making the right decision with nothing for them to regret in their past. Many of us, as parents, know the feeling of regret and have the hopeless hope of turning back the clock to re-do a decision. As parents, we do not want our children to regret an "unwise" career-choice.

Therefore, how can parents assist their children in making a "wise" decision? How? To know this in toto, read the complete article of June'15 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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