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Personality Make-up Of Spiritual Soldiers

Spirituality, i.e. the path of awakening, inner as well as outer, has attracted many in every age. When such aspirants get the refuge and guidance of a true Spiritual Mentor, they find themselves ushering on the path of real evolution. However, amongst them, only the ones who truely abide by the instructions of the Master, emerge as the real models of awakening- the real spiritual soldiers, whom the world salutes! They are remembered and hailed as the source of inspiration, worth emulating in all times. One such spiritual soldier was Sarat Chandra Chakravarty- one of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, who later became Swami Saradananda. The following snippets from his life... are embedded with invaluable messages for all those who aspire to become and excel as true spiritual soldiers.

Inculcate Humility!

That day, the Master called each one of them. The situations were such, or rather, purposefully orchestrated in such a manner, in the light of Master's divine plan that he had to ask them to go for collecting alms in order to procure food. Young boys, belonging to respectable families, were not seen faltering even for an iota of a second, in acceding to the commandment of the Master. The Master wanted to instill humility in them and crush every single trace of pride pertaining to their status or families. The project was not that easy. It demanded surrender; it required the trait of acceptance to whatever situation God wills for us. 

When they returned after collecting the alms, they had a bagful of experiences to share. It was a mix of sympathy, abuses, pity, stares, and likewise. With a smile, Sarat narrated his experience- "It was a small village that I entered. Standing before a house, I hailed the name of God initiating the wandering monks I had seen or heard about. An elderly woman came out. I stood there, completely oblivious of her reaction, as against my urge for some alms. Alas! In a thundering voice, she literally rebuked me- 'When you have got such a robust body, don't u feel ashamed in asking for alms? If you cannot do anything else, go and become a tram conductor. That will also fetch you a sufficient earning for survival.' And the next moment, she simply banged the door, right on my face!"

Indeed, who can understand Master's ways, why and what commandments he gives to his disciples. Even the disciple himself might not be able to comprehend the gravity and the purpose behind the Master's instructions. But, if he is a true disciple, then one thing remains settled deep in his heart- that, whatever his Guru says or does, it is "only" for his welfare, nothing else!


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