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PINEAL GLAND- the Epicentre of Enlightenment

In the language of biology, the pineal gland is identified as a pea-sized gland, which is located in the vertebrate brain, near the pituitary and the hypothalamus gland. In philosophical terms, this region is designated as the seat of consciousness. The famous philosopher Descartes has defined it as the "principal seat of the soul." In the metaphysical parlance, it can be related to an apparatus, which acts as a bridge between the two worlds- physical and cosmic. It is said to be the way to reach the light in the head. Or, analogically, it is essentially a spiritual antenna or the wireless transmitter, which is verily the "Epicentre of Enlightenment".

As a matter of fact, this concept credits acknowledgement from various cultures all across the world. In the Vedic perspective, it is represented by the Agya Chakra. On Hindu mythology, it is depicted as the Third Eye. In ancient Egypt, it referred to the Eye of Horus. Dating back around 1224 BC, the Egyptian Staff of Osiris pictures it as a pinecone, where two intertwining serpents converge.

Biologists say that melatonin is produced by the pineal gland. Now, melatonin is found to be a key player in controlling circadian rhythms; it's a master regulator of time. It affects our stress levels and regulates a number of biological functions, which subsequently control the biorhythms of the body. Meta- physicists consider it to be the doorway to lucid dreaming, telepathy, clairvoyance and cosmic visions. In a nutshell, they proclaim it to be the tool that makes one surpass the limitations of his physical, mental and intellectual realms.
In the words of the scientists, when a person is asleep, the pineal gland releases important bio-chemicals, such as Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). DMT has been acclaimed as "the spirit molecule"- a prime catalyst to ascend to the higher states of consciousness, intuition and cosmic visions. In his book, "DMT- the spirit molecule", Dr. Rick Strassman has compiled all his studies in this context, which he conducted in the University of New Mexico. These researches and studies declare that "the spirit molecule" boosts our capacity to cherish celestial visions through our third eye- the energy centre, situated in the middle of our eyebrows. In the similar vein, Dr. Dean Hamer, a molecular geneticist, proclaims that he has identified a special gene, called as the 'God gene' in human DNA... the DNA gene of our pineal gland. In his view, the 'God gene' helps in experiencing bliss by releasing the "feel good" chemicals in our body, i.e. dopamine and serotonin.

It is evident from the above assertions that, although the terminology reflects variation in expressions, but one can comprehend the underlying resonance in different streams and opinions.

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