Promise of blessings!

(A special message to the devotees by H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji...)

Dear Spiritual Aspirants!

You must have read, heard and practically experienced that the Guru Puja' celebration is not just about burning incense sticks, lighting lamps, and offering flowers. The feelings have an important role. Here, I would like to add that along with the feelings, the traits of one's character are also essentially important. The character of a spiritual aspirant needs to be such that it shines like the polar star amidst the darkness of ignorance, which prevails in society today. Even, without uttering anything through words, his character should speak aloud to the people that he is someone extraordinary. That, he is blessed with the Divine Knowledge (Brahm Gyan). Your dispositions with the people, your camaraderie, your mind-set and every dimension of your existence should spread the message of Brahm Gyan. Through you, people should realise the correct definition of a 'true human being.' On witnessing you, the society should admire that "yes, Brahm Gyan has seeped through every iota of his personality. He is the true embodiment of devotion and sadhna (meditation)."

How your character should be? To explain this, I would quote a couplet from a saint-

Tulsi kabahun na chhodiye, kshamaa, sheel, santosh

Gyaan garibi, hari bhajan komal vachan adosh.

Saint Tulsi says that one should never compromise on the traits of forgiveness, good conduct, and patience. It often happens that we instantly forget our own faults. We easily forgive ourselves and allow for another opportunity to improve. However, when it comes to the faults of others, we remember them our whole lifetime! Rather, its reverse should be the case. We should forgive others instantly, so that we are saved from the negative feelings like jealousy, hatred, anger, etc. As for our own faults, we need to be strict, remembering them always, so that they are not repeated even by mistake.

Similarly we should always don (put on) the garb of 'good conduct.' Characterlessness and being spiritual are poles apart, like darkness and light. As such, we should always be watchful on our sensual craving and cultivate a character characterised by purity and piousness.

'Patience' is also an invaluable asset. The spiritual aspirant, who owes it, can be called as wealthy in the real sense of the term. Otherwise, notwithstanding the grace bestowed by the Guru, the aspirant always remains dissatisfied.


To know the inspirational message by Tulsidas ji and Maharaj ji's promise of blessings in toto, read the complete article in July'19 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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