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Real Dhyana vs. Other Methods

Just imagine for a while... You are sleeping and revelling in the world of dreams. All of a sudden, your sub-conscious mind conjures up a jungle, wherein you are walking all alone at night. Peculiar sounds are quite evident, but you somehow try to ignore them and continue moving forward.  After walking a few steps, you are able to sense that someone is mischievously chasing you. Being all alone in that jungle, that too, in the dead of the night, shivers runs down your spine. With bated breath and speed paced up, you move forward. As you notice the footsteps behind you speeding up, your heartbeat shoots up, and not being able to muster courage to even look back, you start running. Guess, what happens next? You land up just in front of a fierce tiger, his eyes glued at the poor and helpless you!

Seeing no other alternative, you at once turn to your left and run for your life! Completely drenched in sweat, and your heart beating wildly, you run and run, knowing that your death in the form of tiger is chasing you! And, right at that moment, you... topple over after hitting a log of wood that lay there covered with the leaves! Gosh! Before you could balance your wobbling self, the tiger, with its claws precisely directed to grab you by your face takes the final leap. You scream at the highest pitch and with that... your dream abruptly ends and you wake up with a startle to find yourself in the world that's yours... Ah!  Perhaps no words can describe the magnitude of the relief that you must have felt at that instant when you realised that it was just a dream! Simply unexplainable! So very calming and soothing! No less than a new breath of life! Isn't it?

Through this example, the enlightened ones attempt to give us the slightest idea of the feeling of joy and relief we experience when we wake up from the slumber of ignorance...   and find ourselves in the world of Light (Soul) that's "actually" ours! At that instant also, we happen to exclaim, “Ah! It’s so greatly relieving and calming to find myself in this divine world! Just beyond words!  …

… None of external aids or gadgets have been prescribed by the True Enlightened Masters or genuine texts of wisdom… Now, where we find a list of side-effects or cons associated with these fancy-yet-shallow gadgets, there we see what the simple-yet-subtle tool of Divine Eye does, when activated.

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