Sanskrit- The computer language of Vedic age!

Before reading the article, just pronounce "Pitra". Now say "Patar"! After this say "father"! Ok, now say "Padar". Now, repeat all these words together-Pitra! Pater! Father!Padar!

Undoubtedly, you must have heard a common sound in all these words. These words appear similar to each other to a great extent. But, you will be surprised to know that these words belong to altogether different languages. "Pitra" is a word from the Sanskrit language. Pater, Father, Padar belongs to the Latin, English, and Persian respectively. It is all the more surprising that the meaning of these words that belong to different languages is the same- Father …

Now, a natural inquisitiveness must have kindled within you. Why such a similarity between different languages from different regions? Two possibilities could be there. Either it is a sheer coincidence or else the languages are not basically different at all, i.e. they are born out of each other! If we think of the first possibility to be correct, which indeed is difficult to fathom, it imposes a question mark on the wisdom of humankind. As such, the second possibility seems to be correct, but, if we think this alternative to be feasible, a yet another question arises- Which of these languages actually form the base? Which is the mother-language from which the family of other languages originated? You may say it should be the oldest; meaning, the most ancient. According to the linguists and historians, the most ancient language is "Sanskrit"! As such Sanskrit is the mother of all languages.

… Do you know that Sanskrit … has taught the whole world to speak? It has provided the support to their conversational style. This language has taught conversational and written skills to the entire humankind… and to the Computers as well!!!

What? Vedic language Sanskrit and the Computer!

Yes you heard it right!

… Do you know that the concepts of computer languages are the gift of Sanskrit to them?

If you are not willing to accept this fact plainly, then you must read the complete article in august edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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