Scientific References in Saints' Utterances


Imagine there are two sets, A and B. Let's say A represents the 'expanse of spirituality' and B that of the material science (inclusive of all streams- physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, neurology, embryology, etc.).
Now, if you are asked to tick one of the options from A>B, A=B, A<B, then, what would be your choice? Perhaps, there would be no ambiguity in the answer, as the majority feels that spirituality is nowhere close to the heights transcended by science and technology of the 21st century.

However, as a matter of fact, spiritualists are not just abreast with the latest science; rather, the truly enlightened ones are conversant even with the latent scientific truths that are still far beyond the reach of the scientists. If you think that these assertions are nothing but an exaggeration or have been written by the spiritualists to expel their frustration for the otherwise speedily excelling scientists, then, it's absolutely false! As such, there is no dearth of references, which prove this aspect crystal clear. Let's cite some of them from the discourses and writings of the spiritually enlightened ones, which are indeed sufficient to ingest this truth.
Have you heard of electrons, protons, neutrons, positrons, photons, etc. Certainly yes; after all these are the talks of the past in the domain of science, as scientists could unfold their mystery long back. True. But, are you also conversant with 'Thoughtrons'? Well, where scientists are yet ignorant of this term, there spiritualists could express it elaborately in their talks.

In the discourse delievered at the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple, Hollywood, California, January 3, 1943, Swami Yogananda Paramhansa acquainted the listeners with this concept:

Our physical body is essentially a mass of electromagnetic currents. The corresponding protons and neutrons are basically the condensations of thee relative positive and negative creative thoughts projected by God, which in the scientific lingo can be termed as thoughtrons. Verily, the entire creation takes its shape from these thoughtrons, which signify nothing but the creation of God. If we are asked as to what is the difference between black and white? Then, primarily, they are two contrasting thoughts, each condensed into its particular concept. This can be understood from the following: Let's say you see two horses- black and white in your dream. Now, what are these horses basically? They are nothing but different crystallizations of the dreamer's thought, or to say that they express the different relativities of the dreamer's one stream of thought. In other words, as everything in our dream is nothing but the different expressions of our thoughts; likewise, in this cosmos, everything is made of one pure consciousness of God; their varied finite appearance is just the outcome of the relativity of consciousness. This goes to say that if you want to materialise a change in yourselves, then, you must change the process of thought. It is because this change in the individual pattern of thoughtrons  results in the materialisation of consciousness into different forms of matter and action. Hence, it is the way; rather, the only way, to remould your life.

To know scientific references in Saints' thought provoking utterances further, read the complete article in January'17 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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