She is not ‘JUST’ a housewife!

A middle-aged woman, elegantly dressed, stepped inside the Transport Office to get her driving license renewed. The man at the desk, while filling up the details in his software, asked, “Ma’am, are you working or are you ‘just’ a housewife?”

Woman: Of course, I am working at my home, as a mother and a wife!

Executive: I am sorry ma’am; we don’t list these as the options in our form. So, in that case I am marking the option ‘housewife’ for you.

And, he gave the printed copy of the form, indicating her to make it to the next counter…”

Mrs. Malhotra was reading this column in the newspaper after she was partially done with her morning chores… sending her husband to the office and two kids to school.

She could resonate with the feelings of that lady…

Well, the thought came and went by and she got busy with her work. After a couple of months, she found herself in a similar situation when she went to the bank to open an account. The Manager asked, “Ma’am, are you working?”

Mrs. Malhotra: Yes.

The Manager: Ok. Your occupation please!

 Mrs. Malhotra: I am a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations!

The Manager… : That’s great! (Showing an interest) If you don’t mind, may I ask, what’s your job profile?

Mrs. Malhotra (with perfect confidence and a sense of pride): Well, it’s a continuous research program, primarily carried out in the laboratory (implying her house). I have got two credits (referring to her two kids). My job demands a dedicated input of more than 17 hours a day.

The Manager spoke to her in a respectful tone… Not just that! He stood up and escorted her to the exit gate.

Sad but true! This incident highlights the general notion prevailing in society today in context of housewives.   …

To all those husbands who are reading this article and carry such notions, we would propose… Just for one day, assume the role of your wife and right from morning till night, try performing the tasks done by your wife every day. …

For sure, you will go crazy by the time you wind up! Completely jaded and faded! Not feeling like answering any further demand!

The truth needs to be realised by each and every husband that the contribution of a housewife is worth saluting! …

…There are innumerable incidents which can be cited to make us realise how great housewives are. To take a feel in this regard further, read the complete article in April’15 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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