Superstitious Youth'- A Strange Irony of 'Open Minded Youngsters'

'Science' and 'Superstition' are poles apart. Same as the notion held by many of us when we consider the adjective superstitious' for the 'Youth of the 21st century'.

However, the irony is that our otherwise open-minded youngsters do follow many superstitious even today. Don't agree with us? Here are some glimpses of the use of good luck charms by today's 'modern' youth-

We all know that Japan is popularly known for its Sushi dish rather than sweet treats, besides it's quality products. But how it has become a leading pioneer in the world of Kit Kat is surprising. There is a very interesting story behind this: There is a Japanese phrase known as Kutto katai, which means 'you surely will won't. Kit-Kat sounding similar to this got the fortune of good charm in Japan. The strong connection appearing between kit kat and kutto katai propelled the customers to buy Kit Jata in the month of January, as a sign of good luck for the students appearing in University Exams. Thus having a Kit Kat bar became a good-luck charm or superstition in the examinations of Japanese universities.

Once a student was asked about Kit-Kat, to which he said, "I don't know why but having a Kit Kat bar in my school bag gives me more confidence to pass my exams." However, when he was again asked about the taste of the chocolate, he replied, "I don't know, I otherwise don't have liking for chocolate; so I can't comment on its taste."

This trend became so popular that today around 600,000 aspirants appearing in annual exams in Japan receive chocolates for good luck every year. Does this good luck charm really bring fortune to the students? Well, as we all can very well guess the answer- certainly brought good money to the Nestle Company...

Reflect on some more trends and perceptions... you might find some even tallying with yours-

1.  Gems and Crystals- Youth, corporates and businessmen are wearing them.
2.  'Number 13 is unlucky number for me', etc-  Numerology is in the air these days among youngsters.

... Likewise many hotels don't have 13th floor out of superstitious belief. However, to sound modern and practical, they tag it to the fancy concept of numerology.
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