Tattoo Making: Building your identity or Ruining It?

Hello Friends, welcome to this ever-trending talk show-‘Make way to stay’. Here is your host Elina Oberoi bringing today an exclusive subject or in fact, one of the trending topics of the contemporary times- ‘Tattoo Making’. Now when we say tattoos, the first thing that comes to our mind is youth. With youngsters going crazy over this fad, it seems tattoos are an inevitable part of their lives, something they can’t afford to miss. Maybe it represents their state of emotions or is just a major life ingredient that defines or completes their personality. But, as we are familiar with the fact that everything has its pros and cons, let’s bring our thoughts to a healthy discussion and kick-start today’s special show on ‘To what extent tattooing is favourable for youth?’

 First, let me introduce to you our three panelists present in the studio-Mr. David Treasurywala, a Medical Practitioner; Ms. Stella Fernandes, a Social Analyst and Mr. Robin Khanna, a Tattoo Expert. We extend a very warm welcome to all our guests. Our Reporter Shrey Deol is already present at the CBC University Campus and is among the happening crowd of youth to take their views on the subject.

Host- Shrey, let’s start with you. You are amid a bustling atmosphere at the university and I guess, the youth around you must have got a fair idea of what your agenda is going to be. Well, let’s connect with them and begin with the conversation.

Reporter- Yes, of course Elina, the air is hot here as these youngsters are ready to speak their heart out with full gusto. Here is Manav... Yes Manav...

Manav- Actually, this trend has greatly enamoured me. It has elevated my style statement. And, why shouldn’t I flaunt different designer tattoos? After all, it’s about my body, and therefore, it’s my choice to give it a stylish look just to get rid of that usual plain skin.

Reporter (moving further with the mike) - ...Elina... here are some  more views coming in from another student, Sameera.

Sameera- ...When youth see film stars getting themselves tattooed, they tend to fall for the same trend and enhance their style statement in that way. ...

Reporter - Alright... ...Now over to you Elina.

Host- Indeed Shrey! Now let’s take the opinion of our Medical Practitioner. Mr. David... What do you have to say on this?

Medical Practitioner- ...For youth, it might be a matter of enhancing their personality or being called modern youth, but as you underscored in the very beginning, everything comes with its pros and cons. ...They say, tattoos look good on plain skin; but youngsters are not aware that it could land them in trouble as it brings along some major health hazards like HIV and Hepatitis. ...

Host- HIV and Hepatitis from tattoos!! How? ...

What Social Analyst and Tattoo Expert have to say on this and much more... To know in toto, read the complete article in Feb’16 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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