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The Lord Obeys What The Guru Bhakta Says...

This incident dates back to around 16th and 17th century. There was a king named Kumaradeva, who hailed from Karnataka, South India. He was a keen seeker of the Lord Almighty. However, he was well-versed with the fact that one cannot attain the Lord without going into the refuge of a True Guru. He desperately looked for some wise teacher, who could help him in settling his inner turbulence by bestowing upon him the experience of the Supreme God. He came to know that Peraiyur Santalinga Swami was the one who could answer is quest. Since he was a king, he had the responsibility of looking after his kingdom as well. Therefore, he waited for his son to grow up to a certain age, when he would hand-over the Kingdom unto him and retire to the life of sanyasa. The day came soon, when Kumaradeva left everything and went to seek the refuge of Peraiyur Swami. On reaching the abode of the holy one, he asked a disciple to take his message to the Guru that he (Kumaradeva) aspired for the Divine Knowledge.

However, the eagerness to see the Guru was so uncontrollable that Kumaradeva could not wait even for the disciple to come back with the reply. He too rushed inside and lay straight in the feet of the Guru. Despite the fact that the decorum had been broken, no one said or did anything to stop the king from offering salutations unto the Guru. Santalinga Swami too remained silent for some time. ... However, we all know, tests are indispensable to the path of bhakti and renunciation. And, the Guru was ready to start with the first one, even before initiating the king into Divine Knowledge.

He said to the disciple, "This man seems to be a king. However, this is the path of mendicants. Therefore, tell him to go back to his kingdom and resume his services. Kings cannot tread the hard-stoned pathways of renunciation." The moment these words fell on the ears of Kumaradeva, a shiver ran down his spine. ...

Ah! Was his renouncing the kingdom even before reaching the Guru proved all futile!!! To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in Feb'2020 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.


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