The POWER of "WE"


For a machine to function properly, its every part works together in harmony and synchronization with every other part. Only then, these machines are able to produce the desired job. Before the concept of ‘assembly line’ was introduced to the world of manufacturing, parts were produced by workers independently and separately on their machines, followed by assembling before the delivery. The assembled product came up not only with the parts held together, but also the errors made at different stages getting accumulated. However, when ‘assembly lines’ came into existence, the whole industrial world got revolutionised! To state the underlying truth, it was the factor of ‘unity’ which brought about this revolution. It is because an assembly line is nothing but the manifestation of the principle of working in unison.  It is an integrated set up, which brings together the separate units to work in coordination with each other. The manufacturing proceeds from one work station to the next, and finally the finished product is delivered in the end, with much less effort, time, and errors, thereby resulting in increased returns and rewards.

It’s not just the world of machines which can be revolutionized by integrating the independent units. In fact, unity has the power to revolutionise the world of human beings as well! However, irony today is that the integration of human units is not resulting in expected revolution due to the absence of some crucial factors- those factors, which are otherwise well taken cre of in case of machines. A parallelism can be drawn between the industries and human beings. Wear and tear in gears, pulleys, levers, etc. due to friction, lack of contact, stress and strain in machines can be easily superimposed in the case of humans. These are essentially the factors which act as a major roadblock in achieving the desired results. Man takes proper care that his machines are oiled, cleaned, lubricated, and taken through proper maintenance procedure regularly, in order to keep them functioning well. However, he forgets to implement the same on himself. In the absence of this maintenance, his selfish interests, personal gains, greed, and other weaknesses result in his psychological wear and tear, making his virtues clogged, rusted and jammed. This has a devastating effect on his inherent attitude of working in togetherness and harmony, and delivering the desired results.

To gain insight into the roadblocks for the fructification and manifestation of the power of We in toto in case of human beings, read the complete article in the July edition of monthly English magazine Akhand Gyan.

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