The Whys of God!

Why God give us pain in life?

Suppose Mr. X purchases a new car. Now, once he drives away with his car from the showroom, is it the manufacturer of the car who should be held responsible for the way Mr. X drives it? Should the manufacturer be deemed accountable if the car gets bumped into something and is smudged with scratches and dents? No! Likewise, the manufacturer alias the Creator of our lives is not the one to be held responsible for the kicks and hits of pain we face in our lives.

It can also be answered in this way- God made the law of gravity, thus making it possible for us to walk and remain grounded to the surface of the earth. Now, if you climb a ladder and jump mindlessly, thus violating this law, thereby fracturing your leg, who is to be blamed- the law, the Lord or you yourself?

Why is it said that God made man in his own image? How can the ‘Almighty’ God be the same as a ‘miniscule’ man?

It is somewhat like saying- How can the electric current in the bulb fixed in your room be the same as the electric current in the ‘big’ power house? Or, how can the space of your small room be the same as the space of the ‘whole’ cosmos?…

Hate, Jealousy, Violence, Greed, Lust- Why God made these evils that too designed in such a way which tempt us and we are easily doomed?

Why despite so much progress, science has not been able to find God or solve the great mystery?

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