The World of DREAMS (An enlightening elucidation on the Science of Dreams)

… The first category of dreams is the reflection of the activities of our daily life. The second category relates to the impressions of the past actions, which originate from the subconscious mind. The third category of dreams relates to the divine experiences.

Let us know about this category of dreams…


Dreams related to natural inspirational vibrations!

In the state of sleep, the kingdom of dreams gets established below our eyelids. These dreams are not related to our brain or secular dispositions alone. At times, the essence of these dreams excels to become divine, belonging to the world of extra-terrestrial. The issues that are beyond the power of the mind and the intellect, such inspirations and guidance get reflected in the world of dreams.

…It is said that the foundation stone for the French Revolution was laid through an inspiring dream. The one, who is credited with launching that revolution, was a woman whose name was ‘Joan of Arc’. One night she saw a dream, in which she got a strong message. A divine messenger materialised through a brilliant formation of light and shook her with these powerful words-“Awake! Arise! Recognise your innate powers! You are a brave woman. It is your responsibility to kindle the fire of revolution in France. Hold the torch of revolution in your hand and set the negativities of justice and cruelties on fire!” After experiencing this dream, it was as if “Joan of Arc” got a new birth- in the form of a brave and revolutionary woman. …

In the field of science also, these dreams have played a remarkable role…


Dreams emanating from the inspirations of the Soul or Brahm Tattva (element)!

Many dreams are through the blessings of the Divine for the accomplishment of some divine mission. They are akin to the divine experiences of the inner world (as experienced during Brahm Gyan meditation).

…A detailed description is recorded in the pages of history that before the birth of the 24th Teerthankar Mahavir Swami, his mother Trishala experienced 14 highly meaningful dreams….

…In the Bible also, there is mention of many such divine dreams which are related to the birth of Jesus…

…In this manner, more or less in every sect, one finds the narrations of divine dreams filled with great imports. …

There were different kinds of dreams. After knowing all the relevant issues, a question arises, as to where lies the origin of these dreams? How and why do they occur? Is there a procedure through which we can exercise control over the dreams and make them positive, inspiring and divine? How can we know about the holy indications of the past and the future which they provide?

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