To my sis… with love!

Anchal had just received her driving license today. She was on the top of the world! The driving license was like her ticket to freedom! She could drive anywhere without being dependent on anybody else and she loved it!

That day, after college, she decided to go out shopping to her favourite mall. She asked a few of her friends to accompany her, but they all were occupied with one task or the other. However, that didn’t dampen Anchal’s spirits and she decided to go all alone. She carefully parked her car in the busy parking lot and walked towards the shopping center. Entering a shop, she found a little boy, just over 9 years, sitting sad and sobbing. She tried to ignore, but… the young boy’s eyes forced her to approach him. Walking up to him, she enquired, “Why are you so sad?” Taking a little while to gather back his voice, the boy replied amidst the uncontrollable sobs, “I want to buy this dress for my little sister, but the shopkeeper says that the money I have is not enough; so he will not give me this dress.”

… It seemed as if parting with the dress was something intolerable for the boy. Anchal found it a little awkward. She told the boy to simply go to his parents and tell them that he wanted to buy that dress for his little sister. They could help him. But the boy said, “You know this is the dress that my sister liked the most when we came to the mall last week. She wanted to have it. So I thought that I will gift her this dress on her birthday. But now I will have to give this dress to my mom so that she can give it to my little sister when she meets her!”

Anchal was confused, “Has your little sister gone somewhere? Why can’t ypu give this dress to your sister directly?” The boy seemed grieving while replying, “My sister has gone to heaven to be with God. My father says that mom too is going to heaven pretty soon. I want my mother to take this dress along with her and give it to my sister, so that she can wear it!” Hearing that, every hair on Anchal’s body stood on its edge!...

What made Anchal’s whole body tremble and her heart nearly stop? What great lessons Anchal learnt from the little boy? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in February edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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