True Liberation

A frustrated wife says, 'God I want freedom!' A teenager who is often given instructions by his parents says, 'God, it's my life! Why can't I live it my way?' An employee who is ill-treated by his employer often questions, 'God, what is my real existence? Till when I will be subordinate to others? I need liberation!' So, the ultimate longing of our hearts boils down to one single thing and that is liberation. Everyone is seeking liberation in their own sweet ways. When a child finishes his exams, he feels liberated; if the boss is not in office, the employee feels liberated; mother-in-law goes for a vacation, the daughter-in-law feels liberated; a boy's parents have no objection with his extrovert lifestyle, he feels liberated and so on and so forth.

There are different sections of society that interpret this word 'liberation' differently. Learned people talk about salvation or nirvana. But for them, liberation is a state of existence after death. This is what they comprehend from scriptures and are also taught by religious doctrines. But, what sort of liberation is this, which one would experience after death? Has anyone seen what happens after death? If we can't liberate our lives before death, we can never be sure of liberation after death!

Then, there is a section of youth, which also talks about liberation. For them, liberation has a totally different meaning. Probably, for them, leading a life beyond a usual routine in liberation! Doing something out of the box is liberation! A life full of fun and adventures is liberation! A life which gives them a feeling of high is liberation! And for that kind of liberation, they try their hands on drugs, alcohol, drinks and stuff like that. These substances do create a sense of elation, but certainly that's not liberation! Because when the hangover is over, it's over!

Then, there are people who think they are already liberated because they are living the life they want. Some of them are living their life for food; some are living for good clothes, to be in, to be happening, to be in style. There are some who are living their lives to fulfil their desires. There are some who only have a thirst for luxuries and riches in life. But, actually and factually, they aren't liberated; instead they are the slaves of their desires and wants.

Paradoxically, none of them is liberated. …

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