Want an Exchange Offer?

It is said in one verse of Kathopanishad that if one realizes God before his human body perishes, then it’s fine. Otherwise, the soul is forced to enter into a torturous journey of taking different forms in different realms for many years together.

 It is said that there are 84 lac species in this world. And, then, God also made us, the human beings. If a comparison is drawn between these two, with 84 lac species on one side and a human being on the other, then several parameters can be noticed on which one or the other species surpasses the capability of a human being. For instance, if we talk about the lifespan, then… animals like Quahog live up to 405 or 410 years. …Considering the range of vision, the vision of eagles is 8 times sharper than humans. … The speed of the fastest running man in this world is recorded as 37.26km/h. Where as, just take a look on these speeds: Peregrine Falcon reaches 320km/h while diving … Cheetah takes leaps at 120km/h, and so on. … Like human, apes too are found to have a sense of humour. … Likewise, human beings are found inferior to other species on many aspects.

… Now, after knowing about such distinctive feature of these species, if an exchange offer if thrown to you where you can exchange your human garb with any of the 84 lac species, then what choice would you make? In fact, the correct question would be- ‘Would you go for an exchange offer at all?’  Certainly and unanimously, the answer would be ‘No!’ But, why should one hesitate in going for this exchange?

… Men of intelligentsia… say that, unlike animals and other species whose lives are driven by their instincts, it is only a human being who has the faculty of decision-making and is independent to make a choice of his actions.  However, the enlightened saints and sages of India reveal a yet higher dimension, which is the key distinguishing feature of human beings. What is the prime factor which bestow upon humans the title of ‘the crown of creation’?

…Why in spite all this, we fail to realize this golden opportunity? To know this and further more, read the complete article in May 2013 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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