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Who Says Religion is Synonymous to Discord, Impracticality, and orthodoxy?

Throw a glance on the perspectives over religion of the great men of yore, who have been acclaimed as true intellectuals, great thinkers, ideal heroes, and iconic personalities- adored by the whole world even today! Unquestionably, after reading their distilled views about religion, you would be propelled to reconsider yours!


It is necessary to understand the meaning of religion

 During his foreign visits, once, Yogananda Paramhansa enquired someone as to which religion he followed. A striking and rather surprising reply came, "Nothing in particular. I change churches according to convenience."
Yogananda thus realised that to many, religion is simply a matter of either a family tradition or a social benefit or a moral habit. For them, there is no importance of religion in life.

However, rectifying this approach of people, he used to say- "Those who are not seeking God as the paramount necessity of life do not understand the meaning of religion. Why do all people seek money? Because they are conditioned to the thought that money is essential to supply the things they need for their well-being. They don't have to be told this; they simply know it. Why then do most people not understand the necessity of knowing God? Because they lack discrimination..."

Religion answers the mysteries of life

In this context, Yogananda Paramhansa relates to an incidence from his life. He said that when his mother died, he sought an explanation for why God snatches away the loved ones from their beloved. However, when no one could satisfy him, he decided to hunt for the answer on his own. He said, "I am not going to accept this blindly. I am going to find the answer from Him who is the Maker of this universe. ... If religion could not satisfy me as to why some persons are born poor and some rich, some blind and some healthy, how could it convince me for the justice of God?" Well, his query was answered when he sought refuge of his spiritual master. He himself states that by attaining God-communion, he found the answers to all the riddles of life through inner realisation. Verily, this is the true face of religion, which needs to be realised by one and all.

Religion is comprehended through the eye of wisdom...


Reason and Religion go together...


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