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In a consensus endeavour to create an awareness on overall mental & physical health, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, under the able guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji organized a lecture session on Stress Management on 15th September 2022 at Govt. Boys’ Higher Secondary School, Sunderbani, Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir.

A Mindful & Engaging Session on Stress Management at Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School, Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir

It’s true to the core that our human mind is powerful and ever impressionable; if not managed in proper way human mind can become the reason for its own destruction. Children and teens are more prone to stress & social criticism. This course of action has its concept in the feeling that everyone will get ahead of oneself, and one would be left all alone. It is loneliness that stress feeds on.

The main speaker of the program Dr. Sarveshwar Ji, explained the extremely harmful effects of stress to the gathered teachers & students. Stress in general affects the mind making it impatient & overworked and with the by-product of sleep-deprivation. We all know how sound-sleep helps in rejuvenating both the mind & body. Absence of it affects the productivity of the efforts by an individual leading to a state of anxiety or worse depression. Since a sound sleep is the result of a sound and serene mind would it not be important to bring peace to mind first. The best way to do that is to perform meditation. Meditation has been considered by the ancient sages as well as modern scientists to be the most fruitful solution to stress.

A Mindful & Engaging Session on Stress Management at Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School, Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir

Dr. Sarveshwar Ji further stressed on conscious introspecting and working on the self so that we can lead a balanced life. This balance can be created only when one knows the purpose of life and be connected to the source of that purpose just the way a mobile is charged when connected to the source of power. So, to transform self, one needs to remain connected with the divine power. He further explained the fact that these are not mere words, but it can be practiced. Stress can be managed and slowly eradicated, using the technique of Brahm Gyan based meditation. It helps oneself to remain connected with SELF with the help of which concentration, positivity and moral values fall in place. Life becomes more disciplined and carefree.

Teachers, Students, & Staff Members of the institution attended and appreciated the core message of the lecture. The program also included Skits, Yoga Session, & other activities apart from interesting & engaging Lecture session.

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