For a state like Punjab, whose 70% of the youth population is addicted to some or the other type of drug, it is a sight worth seeing and appreciating when a group of more than 100 youth volunteers smartly dressed in Dark Blue Jackets having ‘Bodh creating Drug free Society’ graphics engraved, with heads held high reflecting the iconic figures of change makers were found standing under the blazing sun reaching out to as many people as they could for spreading awareness on the issue of drug abuse so that this problem could be eliminated completely from the state.

A Two Day De-addiction Camp Explicitly benefits more than 10000 people in Jalandhar, Punjab

Such an exclusive sight was witnessed both by the participants and the passersby  during a Two Day De-addiction camp organised by the Jalandhar centre of Divya Jyoti jagrati Sansthan mentored by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji under its Drug Abuse Eradication Program (Bodh) at Ravidas Chowk in Jalandhar, Punjab which took charge of helping both the users and the non-users of the area with ought most responsibility. This camp on one hand facilitated the addicts or the beginners with services like diagnosis, free consultation, Health check-up and counselling while on the other, disseminated among non- users with prevention education and awareness on various issues relating to drug abuse so that they don’t even experiment any sort of intoxicating substance at any point in life. As a part of the treatment process, ‘Nasha Rodhak’, the patent Ayurvedic medicine manufactured at SAM Pharmacy in the organisation was distributed at no cost whilst the experts on the subject nurtured the patients and their families with a deep insight on how to deal with a drug addict family member and the problems one faces due to his/ her own problem of addiction. At the same time, the volunteers both individually and in groups counselled the visitors and the passersby on the various dimensions relating to drugs and their personal queries which otherwise often remained unanswered. People were also informed about significance of the knowledge of the self which awakens a person at the level of one's soul from all other lowly traits thereby enabling them to distinguish between the right and the wrong and stand strong for the right despite any pressure or dilemma.

With thousands of people taking their first step towards the de-addiction treatment whilst others determinedly vowing to Stay Drug Free throughout their lives, this camp successfully concluded with more than 10000 people being informed and getting treated about drugs related problems, thus marking a positive sign of change in people of the state.

A Two Day De-addiction Camp Explicitly benefits more than 10000 people in Jalandhar, Punjab

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