Surveyed in July month of the last year, the MHADA colony in Amravati showed a good percentage (survey yet to be released formally) using one or the other drug regularly. Therefore, in order to work on the issues observed, a one day rally was taken out in the Mahada Colony.

Amravati branch organized an 'awakening rally' in MAHADA Colony | Maharshtra

The rally was flagged off by Sau Manjushatai Jhadavm Corporator, Amravati and Mr. Vishwnathrao Yawale – Trustee, Gajanan Maharaj Temple with few words of motivation and discussion on the aim of this rally. It was an event kept in the spree of ‘Youth for Youth’ where various girls and boys walked the streets of the colony for enabling the voice to reach out to every nook and corner in the area. With painted pla cards and posters, ethnic ‘marathi pheta’ on brother’s heads and sisters adorned with ‘paithani’ a unique saree  style popular in Maharashtrian culture with slogans in their voices, they visited and met every residents personally on the way to temple Gajanan Maharaj, the culmination point of the rally.

More than 6,000 people were given messages and addressed on the issue. People were highly impressed by the efforts the organization is putting in to make this world drug free and a better place to live in.  Various such events are being planned out for the awareness on the issue of drug abuse where inclusivity of the residents of the Mhada colony wil be on top priority because we want to make this drive ‘people for people’.

Amravati branch organized an 'awakening rally' in MAHADA Colony | Maharshtra

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