Teachers are the creators of tomorrow. Manthan-SVK, an initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan to provide holistic education to the underprivileged organised a Teacher’s Meeting and appraisal session for its teachers on 30th March 2018. The meet was held at the Conference Hall, Vijay enclave, Dwarka, New Delhi. All teachers and volunteers of Delhi-NCR participated in the meeting.

Annual Teachers’ Meeting – Manthan SVK, DJJS

To start with,  Sadhvi Deepa Bhati ji, Program Lead Manthan SVK, DJJS, undertook the Annual Planner 2018-19 discussion that dealt with the approaching year’s targets, activities, sessions, campaigns to be conducted and issues to be pondered over. This was followed by a Program Review session by Sadhvi Aneesha Bharti ji( Likfe skill trainer, Manthan, DJJS), which highlighted past year’s achievements and critical areas that need improvements.  Also, Ms. Neha Gupta presented the bullet points of consideration in the Academic Review process to be taken care of. It also focussed on ‘How to Improve Teaching Skills’.  Apart from this, numerous sessions were taken by Sadhvi Deepa Didi and Sadhvi Aneesha Didi on how to overcome challenges and solve problems that teachers face while taking classes and managing students. Through an activity, they learnt how to remain united and help each other in fulfilling one’s responsibilities. To make the event more interactive, several teachers came up with their innovative ideas on diverse styles of teaching, students handling and management.

To instil enthusiasm in teachers, gifts were distributed to the centres for their consistent performance and outstanding contribution. The award giving session was highly motivating and inspiring for the whole team. This teacher’s workshop nonetheless infused immense amount of zeal in the teachers for the forthcoming session.

Annual Teachers’ Meeting – Manthan SVK, DJJS

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