It's said that a country's culture, traditions and language are the foundations of its identity and it is important that our children are well aquatinted with them.

Antarkranti Celebrates Nav varsh @ Bal Mandir, Bengaluru

In a step towards familiarizing the future of country with its glorious past Antarkranti celebrated the arrival of Bharatiya Navvarsh Vikram Samvat 2074 by conducting a special 1 day Moral & Spiritual education workshop for the kids at Govt. Boys Bal Mandira, Lakkasandra, Bengaluru. A sound system was also donated to the juvenile home by Antarkranti on the occasion.

Antarkranti Celebrates Nav varsh @ Bal Mandir, Bengaluru

The event attended by one hundred children was aimed at enlightening them about the various aspects of the rich Indian culture and heritage that we as Indians have inherited, celebration of Nav varsh in the month of chaitra being one of them.

The session started with an introduction about Bhartiya Navvarsh along with melodious bhajans presented by the volunteers following which a video showing Navvarsh celebrations across the country was put on view.

After that the kids exhibited their artistic skills as they went about sketching beautiful posters with New Year messages and dancing in high spirits to patriotic songs. The kids were engaged in various games and fun activities too.

The workshop also witnessed the presence of various staff members of the juvenile home including the superintendent, DCPO, PO and other officers who were highly appreciative of the initiative of Antarkranti.

The workshop concluded leaving behind a spiritually charged atmosphere and jubilant audience.

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