Once again, Antrakranti (Prisoner reformation and rehabilitation program) of DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) resurrected the faith in humanity and induced that feeling of social service amongst the youth. Indraprastha Women College, New Delhi invited Antarkranti to participate in the Eco Fest, organized by the college on Feb 12, 2016.

Antarkranti Rekindled Humanity Among the Youth at IP College, Delhi

Antarkranti placed a canopy in the campus. It was a great platform to introduce and promote the organic and Herbal products prepared by the prisoners. The visitors mainly comprised of youth. They were sensitized about the cause and the prisoner’s issues, also the efforts made by Antarkranti in transforming them to be the responsible citizens of the country. The youth was enthralled at the selfless efforts made by the organization and how one can practically made a difference to someone’s life.

The Students and the faculty members appreciated the initiative, and the efforts of Antarkranti in transforming the lives of numerous prisoners. The students showed great enthusiasm to register themselves as the volunteers for the cause. The visitors included the students, faculty members and the other support staff of the college. Feedback received from the visitors was very motivating and encouraging. The college expressed their willingness to rearrange such events in future.

Antarkranti Rekindled Humanity Among the Youth at IP College, Delhi

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