Tunes were flowing in the air, vibes were resonating in the surroundings, faith paving the ways, and hopes were shining during the monthly Divya Dham Ashram Congregation held on 7th February, 2016. Music and hymns sung in the glory of the Lord touched the inner cords. Vibrations created during the spiritual gathering were everlasting and left an indelible mark on the hearts.

Astonishing Words of Wisdom Illuminate Devotees' Minds & Spirits at Divya Dham Monthly Gathering

Under the divine guidance of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the monthly congregation once again eulogized the glory of the Supreme and brightened the ignorant hearts. The thirst and longing for the Satguru is what lures the masses into the program. In addition to that, they gain spiritual strength, peace of mind, equanimity, as well as optimism. The spiritual discourses keep them bound to their seats, the melodious devotional hymns magnetizes them to swing and dance for the Master. 

Preacher and disciple of Shri Maharaj Ji proclaimed that these spiritual discourses (Satsangs) act as a mirror, revealing exactly where we stand and they also acts as a sharpener, sharpening any rusty edges of our hearts, bringing our true identity out. It is with this identity we are able to do Satguru's work in the world spreading His message of truth, far and wide.

Astonishing Words of Wisdom Illuminate Devotees' Minds & Spirits at Divya Dham Monthly Gathering

"Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice."

Preachers further stated that these kids of spiritual gatherings provide us the ability to rise up and above to fulfill the true motive for which we are born. Bestowing us with Brahm Gyan, Reverend Gurudev has showed us the realm of divinity within and introduced us to our true purpose. Now it is our turn to do the work he has put forth. HIS supreme goal of world peace demands full surrender and rising way beyond the current societal norms. The attendees of the program attested that as the world drags us down; spiritual dosage at this monthly gathering keeps us motivated, refusing to stay down.

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