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Sunderkand is the fifth part of the Hindu Epic Ramayana and the only part where the real Hero is Hanuman, a true devotee of Lord Ram. This part of Ramayana symbolizes what a true devotion is and what a spiritually empowered devotee can do with the grace of his/her master. It also teaches us complete surrender towards the lord because only then the true devotion is possible. It can only happen when the souls are internally connected. Such eternal bond empowered Hanuman to face all the various challenges boldly in his path and devote all credit to his only Lord.

 Beautifully Narrated SunderKand Empowered Souls of Canberra, Australia

In order to make the devotees aware about the dedication towards the Master’s task and utter faith on Lord, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), with the grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized the Beautiful Narration of Sunderkand at Canberra, Australia on 27th April 2019. The spiritual orator of the event was Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji.

The event commenced with the sincere heartfelt prayer at the lotus feet of Lord Ram and Mother Sita. Sadhvi Ji connected each person in the audience with the divine incidents of Silver Age and shared many learning from that era which still holds the basic foundation of the Lord-Devotee Divine Relationship. She beautifully explained how Hanuman conducted himself in absence of physical presence of Lord with him, how he surrendered himself and took certain decisions to get the assigned task completed. Sadhvi Ji mentioned it can only happen through the continuous connection with Lord through the Divine Meditation based on the Brahm Vidya- Divine Knowledge.

 Beautifully Narrated SunderKand Empowered Souls of Canberra, Australia

It was a mesmerizing Divine day with lot of Devotional songs and bhajans, overwhelming the audience with the devotion. The beautiful audience could realize the purpose of their life and were highly grateful to DJJS for the new perspective which they received through the event. Not only did they understand the life lessons from Sunderkand but also realized the huge significance of a True Spiritual Master. The event concluded with the vote of Thanks and gratitude for the endeavors of DJJS followed by Prasadam.

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