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Shiva Katha is an excellent platform to convey and explain the spiritual secrets hidden behind the divine plays of Lord Shiva. Under the benevolent guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder & Head, DJJS), Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a magnificent program of Bhagwan Shiv Katha at Taj Palace, Malout Road, District Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab from 1st - 5th August 2022.  The five day long spiritual narrative was attended by a colossal assembly of devotees and dignitaries.  The disciple of His Holiness and the spiritual orator of the program, Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji exquisitely elucidated the divine ideologies of Lord Shiva through an interplay of a series of thought-stimulating discourses and devotional bhajans symphonized by the disciple-musicians on the stage.

Bhagwan Shiv Katha Reverberated the Eternal Message of Self Realization at Muktsar, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji beautifully explained that understanding Shiva is realizing the highest state of inner consciousness. The opening of the third eye of Lord Shiva signifies delving into the state of supreme ecstasy and soul-realization. The real pursuit of knowing Lord Shiva can be attained only by seeing the Almighty inside. A perfect Guru opens our third eye by providing us with the knowledge of ‘Brahm Gyan’ and enables us to witness the direct experience of God within ourselves. The actual worship of Lord Shiva begins the moment one experiences the eternal knowledge of inner-self through ‘Brahm Gyan’.

She further explained that one should become an ardent follower of Shiva through continuous practice of ‘Meditation’ based on ‘Brahm Gyan’. Meditation is the method of synthesis or communion with the whole of the cosmos, making us unite with the Absolute truth- The Shiva. The union of ‘Shiva’ and ‘Shakti’ (soul) is the commencement of the spiritual odyssey of a devotee.

Bhagwan Shiv Katha Reverberated the Eternal Message of Self Realization at Muktsar, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji concluded that will power and wisdom can be attained under the benign guidance and direction of a ‘Perfect Master’ only. Therefore, one should look for the refuge of a perfect master, who just like Shiva possesses the complete ‘Eternal knowledge’(Brahm Gyan) of the universe and can protect us from the vices of the inner and outer world. Supreme devotion, self-confidence and selfless service are the rewards of moving continuously on the spiritual path.

The devotees and dignitaries attending the Katha felt morally and spiritually rejuvenated. The Katha enabled them to comprehend the ultimate principle to understand the real form of Lord Shiva and make their lives more meaningful. Everyone widely appreciated the efforts of DJJS.

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