DJJS organized “Bhaj Govindam” - a huge Bhajan Sandhya at Rudrapur City on 19th January, 2015. The devotional Bhajans were sung by the disciples of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The congregation was reinvigorated by the inner meaning that each of the inspirational Bhajan evoked. 

Bhaj Govindam- The Glorious Sounds for The Divine!

Music to human ears is heavenly, and if it's purely devotional, it's truly divine. Bhajans are not just rhythm, tune and beat; they are songs in soulful language expressing the many-splendored emotions of love for God- a complete submission or self-surrender to him through singing. Bhajans help quiet the mind, and open the heart for the divine, allowing us to taste the blissful reality.

Bhaj Govindam- The Glorious Sounds for The Divine!

Rather than a performance in which the audience listens to musicians, the Sandhya was a participatory spiritual session in which everyone was encouraged to sing and express their inner joy. And, as the evening progressed the audience could be seen fully captivated within the glorious sounds. 

Bhava (inner feeling) is the quintessence (purest and most perfect form) of bhajan singing. The warmth of bhakti and devotion is expressed through bhava (inner feeling). Only a bhajan (prayer) sung with full bhava (inner feeling) can melt the heart of the lord. It is the cry of devotee with deep yearning (compassion) for the lord.

The program was an endeavor by DJJS to reach out to people to spread the message of Self - Realization through Brahm Gyan so that mankind’s dream of world peace can someday be a reality.

The Bhajan Sandhya was great success with large number of people in attendance. Everyone was enthralled by the experience, and found renewed energy to live life.

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