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With an objective to unite the community with the ancient wisdom and divine philosophy of Lord Ram, ‘Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’ under the humble patronage of ‘His Holiness Ashutosh Ji Maharaj’ (Founder & Head, DJJS) organized a Devotional Concert themed 'Ram Yug Aayega’ on 17th February 2024 at Moga, Punjab. The spiritual orator of the event, Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji eloquently imparted the soul-nourishing teachings of Shri Ram.

Devotional Concert- Ram Yug Aayega, unveiled the path of Divine knowledge for the devotees

Sadhvi Ji commenced the devotional concert with a serene prayer, invoking the blessings of Lord Ram. She then delved into the cosmic philosophy of Lord Ram, emphasizing the timeless teachings and virtues embodied by the revered deity. The discourse touched various aspects of Lord Ram's life, exploring righteousness, devotion, and the eternal battle between good and evil. The event embraced soulful music that brought alive the divine melodies dedicated to Lord Ram. The devotional songs and bhajans resonated with the audience, creating an atmosphere of devotion and unity.

DJJS representative highlighted that the concept of ‘Ram Yug’ is parallel to the philosophy of 'Brahm Gyan' as both emphasizes the profound transformation that occurs within a devotee when the flame of supreme knowledge is ignited. 'Brahm Gyan' is believed to be the key to unlocking a 360-degree transformation, both internally and externally, leading to spiritual evolution and a harmonious life. Central to this transformative journey is the initiation by a Divine Guru, who serves as a guiding light and pillar of support for the devotee. The Guru plays a pivotal role in leading the disciple through the intricate path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The initiation process establishes a profound connection between the disciple and the Divine, paving the way for a deep understanding of the cosmic principles and the timeless wisdom encapsulated in ‘Divine Science’.

Devotional Concert- Ram Yug Aayega, unveiled the path of Divine knowledge for the devotees

Sadhvi Ji concluded that 'Brahm Gyan' based meditation technique becomes the channel for the devotee to delve into the realms of higher consciousness. In essence, the establishment of 'Ram Yug' through 'Brahm Gyan' signifies a collective awakening of individuals who have undergone this transformative process. It envisions a society where individuals, guided by the principles of Lord Ram and the teachings of their Divine Guru, contribute to the creation of a harmonious and spiritually enlightened era.

The Devotional Concert proved to be a transformative experience for the attendees fostering spiritual growth and enlightenment. The event successfully fulfilled its objective of spreading the cosmic philosophy of Lord Ram and uplifting the community in a shared spiritual journey.

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