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To unravel the deep rooted secrets of devotion and eternal knowledge, ‘Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’ organized an enchanting Devotional Concert at Jalandhar, Punjab on 29th January, 2023. The disciples of His Holiness rendered an array of devotional compositions increasing the divine fervour among the huge assemblage of devotees. DJJS representative, Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji revealed the secret formula to remain blissfully connected to the Almighty through her enlightening discourse.

Devotional Concert at Jalandhar, Punjab enunciated Brahm Gyan as an indispensable tool for Spiritual Growth

Sadhvi Ji blissfully explicated that to surrender to the Divine, devotion is the pre-requisite. Detachment and wisdom naturally gets developed within us as we progress on the path of true spirituality.  The eternal truth of the universe is the arcane science of Self Enlightenment. By illuminating our inner consciousness through the sovereign knowledge of 'Brahm Gyan', we reach the pinnacle of spirituality. Contemplation on the sacred inner light feeds our mind with constructive thoughts and action.

Further, motivating the spiritual audience, Sadhvi Ji remarked that Meditation helps us to ultimately transcend the ephemeral modes of nature and make a positive difference in the material world. As the practice of Brahm Gyan’s meditation deepens, it automatically nurtures a sense of joy, peace, and freedom that is unlike anything one can experience elsewhere. 

Devotional Concert at Jalandhar, Punjab enunciated Brahm Gyan as an indispensable tool for Spiritual Growth

DJJS representative concluded that to be born as a human is a rare opportunity but rarer than this is getting the pious refuge of the perfect master of the times. The master himself guides a devotee on the cosmic path of divinity to taste the divine nectar of supreme ecstasy and eventually complete salvation. The perfect visionary acts as a catalyst to let our soul merge with the divine Light and sound of God within. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder & Head, DJJS) is the embodiment of the perfect spiritual master of the present age who is inspiring millions of devotees across the world to tread the path of spiritual evolution and liberation. Verily, the true knowledge imparted by him acts as the sacred protective layer to get rid of life’s maladies and karmic bondages. 

The devotional event highlighted the inevitability of spirituality to have a better understanding of one’s inner and outer self. The devotees and attendees felt spiritually rejuvenated and expressed their gratitude for the incessant effort of DJJS in organizing such soul gratifying events.

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